How To Share The Wonders Of Nature?

Sernatur wanted to promote Punta De Choros to attract more tourists but couldn’t get satisfying results with their current equipment. With the help of Telewander, Punta De Choros was successfully promoted by giving the tourists a feel of swimming with the dolphins without endangering and disturbing the marine life.

Story - Wonders of Nature

Sernatur - The Ministry of Tourism - is a government agency responsible for promoting destinations and national interest to contribute to economic development programs, social and cultural life, sustainability. They wanted to promote Punta de Choros, which is located in North of Chile.

Goal - Promotion with live streaming from drones

The Ministry of Tourism had a difficulty to promote tourism to remote regions of Chile. Promotion materials are expensive and does not always provide the motivation to travel there. Videos and still shots taken from the coast with normal equipment wasn't able to give the satisfying results that Sernatur was looking for, the distance from the coast to the ocean decreased the quality of the footage and still shots. As a result, The Ministry of Tourism requested Telewander to make a live streaming coverage of dolphin families swimming in the Punta De Choros waters.

Solution - Great content, quality and life-experience

Telewander was able to capture high quality footage of the dolphins near the Chilean shores without creating any gusts and noise of the drone flying around, meaning that the marine life would not be disturbed while we live streamed the area from above. With live streaming we created a feeling for the people that they were swimming and playing together with dolphins. As a result, we successfully promoted the areas of Punta de Choros with a professional, safe and cheap solution. We satisfied our client with beautiful footage from a new perspective, that led tourists and visitors to gain a new life-experience and the footage helps to attract many new tourists.

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