Set a world record for a good cause

Last year, Stafet for Livet broke the world record in amount of attendees for an outdoor running event for the cause against cancer. This year, a true goal was set: Break it again! Telewander joined forces to track down some kilometres and now invites the whole nation to follow in their footsteps - very easy.

Story - Tonder Festival

Stafet for Livet is a running event for everybody; the enthusiasts as well as the beginners. Last year, 7651 runners attended for a good cause against cancer in the middle of Haderslev in the southern region of Denmark. The Stafet is for 24 hours, so it obviously requires a few participants, but setting the world record is something totally different, and this year they want to improve it even further. Last year, the participants combinated ran a little over 97.000 kilometres and collected over 1.7 million DKK for Kræftens Bekæmpelse.

Goal - Reach the wide audience

The organizers and TV2 Syd reached out to Telewander for them to add something extraordinary to the coverage in form of drone livestreaming meant for TV2 Syd’s Facebook page. Telewander supports good causes and was of course willing to help cover the sports event. In this way, not only the runners and onside audience gets a piece of the healthy cake, but the whole region could tune in on the kilometres very easy. With growing interest from outside the routes, people who wasn’t able to physically attend could still show their support in a great manner from their living rooms or even being “on the road” as they could follow everything on their smartphones.

Solution - Be a part of the festival, wherever you are!

Telewander brought a high quality solution for those who couldn’t attend, either the elderly or the busy working people. It should never be taken for granted to show support even though not present, because it shows awareness and also helps for future runs with sponsorships, because the interest is growing, the support is shown and everybody is having fun with it, but most importantly the whole region shares the support of breaking cancer and help those in need the best way they can. Telewander provided aerial footage in a quality so great you could almost see the cracks in the running shoes, and thus making it possible for everyone to participate. By doing so, Telewander helped spreading the interest and making it accessible in a favourable way for everyone. Great job, runners!

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