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Story - World Surf Championship

The World Surf Championships took place in Pichilemu in Punta de Lobos, Chile, in 2015 for the Women’s surf competition. The surfers gathered in the beautiful nature on one of the best surfing beaches in the world to take on the waves and do what they do best.

Goal - Catch the adrenaline from the living room

The World Surf League reached out to Telewander to make a coverage of the event in safe surroundings, and because surfing is such a high pace sport, any unwarranted distractions could cause a potential danger. The Telewander technology, however, is ideal to secure a safe environment and lower the disturbing elements, so the surfers are able to focus one hundred percent on doing their best performances in the competition. It’s safer for everyone, including the camera operators as well. In addition, the angles from above gives a terrific idea of what exactly the surfers are dealing with and sheds some light on the size and speed of the waves, which is important content to show for the enthusiasts.

Solution - Letting everyone ride the waves

Telewander brought the proper equipment to cover the sports event with ease and secure the best experience within the boundaries of the said competition. The high quality footage lets the viewer watch every little move of the surfer and gives a beautiful image of the skills required to compete at this level. The waves and surfers in the footage are very detailed, and at the same time, it calls for the best solution out there in order to combine quality with safety. Furthermore, the drone solution is far superior to helicopters in terms of being less noisy, minimized disturbance of the surfers and avoids making unnecessary gusts. The World Surf League was very satisfied with the results causing a value increase for the sports athletes, organizers and viewers!

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