What do you need to know to stay the best drone pilot?

What do you need to know to stay the best drone pilot?

September 27, 2017 | Jose Lizama


Even if you are only piloting a drone, you still have to learn about the drone technology

Also, a good drone pilot should have an understanding of the drone technology. You might want to learn more about how drones work. How does the flight computer work? How do the controllers determine the speed of the motors? This is important because it helps the pilot keep the drones in the good state. For instance, drone pilots might have to update the software of the flight computer. Some drones need maintenance of the software of its batteries and remote controlled. Right maintenance of the batteries is essential. Sometimes the drone pilot will have to replace some components. This might include the GPS or compass of the drone.

Learn about the air where you fly

Great drone pilots are usually pilots of planes and helicopters as well. Thus you might need education about principles of air navigation. They can help you understand your role and responsibilities as a pilot. A drone pilot is like an airplane pilot. Both are responsible for an air vehicle. Air navigation will help you understand how to analyze the weather conditions to fly.
Picture: Learn about the air where you fly

Get some planning skills

A great drone pilot is able to prepare a flight plan in advance and analyze its risks. Planning is very important before flying. It can be essential to determine the success of a mission. A good analysis of the risks of the mission would help the pilot stay safe. Common risks include birds, trees, and other obstacles in the flight path. Make sure to document your flight. Keep a good log of the flight time and incidents that happened.

Keep up-to-date with the drone regulations

A great drone pilot knows the rules and regulations applicable. Being knowledgeable of the regulation would help you do your job better. So you should be aware of the latest changes. When in doubt always contact the aviation authorities.

Keep your health in a good stand

Keep good health. Test your site. Make sure that you can see well to keep a good visual control of the drone. Make sure that you sleep well before flying. Avoid flying if you are not in the right condition. Have enough rest between two missions. Avoid flying if you feel unable to ensure the success of the mission.

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