The Mavic Drone

February 16, 2018 | Jose Lizama


Perhaps one of the best features is the 32 MP sphere panoramas. The Mavic creates panoramas automatically in only 8 seconds. Also the camera is able to film videos in 4k at 30 fps recording at 100 Mbps. To film at high speed the drone is able to film in 1080k at 120 fps. The extra frames per seconds allows you see the video in slow-motion. Then you can see the panorama using the DJI googles.


Perhaps one of the best features is the 32 MP Sphere Panoramas. Also the Mavic can give you photos in HDR. The software help you find the right exposure based on the light conditions. DSP acceleration allows for more efficient shooting.

The Gimbal

The Mavic Air has a three axis gimbal. The gimbal is designed to reduce vibrations. It is a delicate component. So you might want to use one this protection like this one.

Small Landing Gear

The landing gear of the Mavic drone is very small. The motors are very close to the ground. Sand or dust can enter into the drone when taking off or landing. Thus, it is a good idea to use a landing pad like the following one:

Other Specs

It has sensors in three dimensions to avoid obstacles. It is fordable and portable so that you can easily bring it in your next trip. The maximum flight time is 21 minutes.


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