Select the drone for your needs

Select the drone for your needs

September 22, 2017 | Jose Lizama

Drone diameter characteristics

Usually, manufacturers provide the size as the diagonal distance measured between the motors. Diameters can vary a lot from 90 mm to 900 mm or more. Larger sizes result in heavier drones. For example, medium size drones are usually 350 mm in diameter and weight around 1.5 kilograms. They are the most common to use in aerial photography. Some medium-size drones can deliver professional results. They are easy to transport and to control. Small size drones with diameters around of 250 mm. Small size drones are good for drone racing. They do not need to carry sophisticated cameras so they are lighter and can achieve high speed. Some smaller drones are good to carry when traveling. Size can be around 170 mm. Because of the small size, travelers carry a drone with them on their trips. The smallest drones might have diameters around 90 mm. Also, they can maneuver fast. Weights usually range from 1 to 2 kg with diameters of 15 inches. The larger drones with diameters around 900 mm can lift higher weights and equipment. The larger the drone the more weight can lift up in the air. The larger drones consume much more energy and are more expensive. They are also more dangerous and can cause more damage in case of impact. Another important specification is its maximum speed. The maximum speed determines the capacity to use the drone in windy conditions. It is convenient to look for drones with higher maximum speeds to fly in areas with strong winds.

Understand the remote control

Not all drones are equal. Thus, the flight time will give you estimate of the efficiency of the drone. In general, you might want to choose drones with the largest flight time. That would allow to fly longer and go further. Still, it is important to look for a remote control with an acceptable range. Some drones only guarantee control for a few meters. Other drones are able to keep a link with the remote control from 2 kilometers or more.
Picture: Understand the remote control

What is your drone's navigation system

If you could not decide yet you can look at other specifications. For instance, having a GPS is sometimes a convenient tool to support navigability. Though a drone pilot should be able to fly in different flight configurations.

Select the right drone camera for your needs

Another important characteristic is the drone’s payload. The camera, gimbal should be according to your needs. Some drones let you install specific cameras. Large drones can carry professional video cameras. That might be necessary if you are filming for a documentary or movie. For filming your holidays, a small drone should be enough.
Picture: Select the right drone camera for your needs

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