Sample contract for drone services

Sample contract for drone services

October 4, 2017 | Victoria Shmakova

Drone Services Agreement Sample

This agreement is based on the following provisions:

  1. Operator is responsible to request the permits and inform the authorities about the flight.
  2. Operator is liable for any third party damage caused during the flight operations.
  3. Operator will give media rights to the Customer.
  4. Customer is responsible to provide information about the technical and media requirements for the drone operations.
  5. Customer should pay Operator within __ days of the job has been done.

Furthermore, the Operator agrees:

  1. To pilot a Remotely Piloted Aircraft, RPA, also known as drone, following the instructions provided.

  2. To deliver the video to the Customer within __ hours or days after the flight has been completed.

Furthermore, the Customer agrees:

and the Operator agrees:

Invalidity or unenforceability of one or more provisions of this agreement shall not affect any other provision of this agreement.

This agreement is subject to the laws and regulations of _________[Country Name].



[Full Name Customer]

[Tax Number]



[Full Name Operator]

[Tax Number]

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