I bought my first drone. Do I need a drone pilot license?

I bought my first drone. Do I need a drone pilot license?

August 22, 2017 | Jose Lizama


Airspace ownership

Now you might wonder who is the owner of the air. Usually, the government of your country has the ownership of the airspace. Not only they own the air but also they divided it into different regions for different purposes. The government allocates some regions of the airspace to general air transportation. Other regions are for military purposes. Yet some small regions will be for recreational purposes. By doing so, the government aims to protect a country and make the best use of the air. They protect you, your family, and friends. So it makes sense to respect the airspace regulations in your country.

Master your drone pilot skills

Alright, so what can you do when you do not own the air. Yet you still have a chance to use your amazing new drone. After you will lose the money you paid for if the drone stays in a box. One good way to start is to find model airplane clubs nearby the place you live. They usually have permission to operate in the airspace to a certain altitude. So if you join one club you might have the possibility to go and fly your drone. If you have never flown before a drone that might be the safer way you get some experience.
Picture: Master your drone pilot skills

Drone pilot license

Still, it might not sound very appealing to you. After taking the same pictures over and over again, you might dream to fly somewhere else. Some of the clubs work in federations. When you join one you might have access to other similar clubs across your country. Another possibility is that you get a drone license. To get a drone license you might have to prove specific qualifications. They have to pass a series of medical, skill, knowledge tests. The good news is that when you have a drone license you can use more areas of the airspace. The bad news is that the license does not give ownership of the air. So you still have to ask for permission to fly your drone even if you have your license. The rules of operating drones are changing all the time. Thus it is important you stay up to date with the regulations in your country and state. For example, some countries now let very small drones to fly without a license. So the type of the drone you bought is very important. Thus you do not need to feel discouraged. Make sure you are aware of the regulations, seek professional advice, and fly safely.

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