Develop your career as a commercial drone pilot

Develop your career as a commercial drone pilot

September 25, 2017 | Jose Lizama


What drone services are the best for you?

First, you need a job to do. The applications that are more workable are to enhance the skills of a professional. Think of a profession like a dentist. A doctor operating a drone to fix your teeth might be possible. But before jumping into conclusions lets take a look at the other factors we should consider.

Understand the drone payload

The second factor that influences the drone application is the payload. The payload is what you install in the drone perform the job from a distance. Most commercial drones have a video camera installed to take pictures and videos. That makes aerial video and photography one of the most common applications today. But you could install in the drone any device that the drone could lift. For instance, you could install a little speaker to play a song.
Picture: Understand the drone payload

Do you have enough battery life to complete the drone job?

The third factor is the battery life. That limits the scope of the drone applications because they need energy supply. The normal flight time with current battery technology is about 20 minutes. So an application that requires more time would be difficult to put in place. For example, following a car for an hour with a drone might not be a good idea.

Understand your client's needs

The fourth factor is what we do after the flight. The application does not end after landing. Think of many ways of analyzing aerial pictures for agriculture. The job does not end up when the drone lands. To have an after use of the drone, you might need to use the result of using the payload. The most general use is to gather the data for analysis. That’s way the commercial drones have an SD card. The SD card allows storing all the pictures and videos so work on them after the flight ends. But the result of using the payload could be more than data. For example, your drone could take a sample of the air at high altitude and bring it to you to analyze it.

Answer these questions before you take on your drone job

To understand if a drone application is doable, try to answer the following questions. What kind of professional would enjoy using a drone? Can you install the device you need to do the job? Would be the flight time enough? What happens after the drone lands?

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