5 Things to Do to Maintain Phantom 3 Batteries

5 Things to Do to Maintain Phantom 3 Batteries

March 2, 2018 | Jose Lizama

1. Follow The Instructions Given By the Manufacturer

Your main information source should be DJI.

For instructions about how to take care of the battery:

For proper usage and indications:

2. Store the Batteries Safely

Use a LIPO guard bag to store the batteries. The purpose of the bag is to reduce the damages in case of lipo fire.

3. Touch the Battery

Press gently the sides of the battery. Check it is not swollen.

4. Inspect Visually

DJI recommends to discharge the batteries to 40% - 65% when storing them for more than 10 days. You can check battery level by pressing the power button once. At 40% battery level, the LED1 and LED2 indicators should be on. At 65% the LED1, LED2, and LED3 should be on. Somewhere between this two indications should be fine for storage.

5. Check Using Software

Connect a tablet or phone to your remote control. In the top right corner of the main screen you will the battery level. Check that this number is something between 40% and 65%. Also, in the battery settings you can check the current power, the maximum capacity available, and the number of cycles.

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