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Checklist before you start on your next drone assignment

When you are a drone pilot, you really would like to concentrate on improving your flying skills and provide a great aerial footage to your clients. This is indeed very important. However, understanding your clients' needs before starting with your drone assignment can be crucial for your future relationships with a client. Therefore, we prepared a sample of a checklist that you need to make sure to use when discussing your next aerial footage assignment. You always can modify and improve it as you get more experience with your customers' needs.

Sample contract for drone services

You feel excited because you just got a job to do with your drone. But what is about a contract between you and the customer? Shouldn't be any agreement signed before you take on a drone operation? Even if you are a company or a person who is looking to hire drone services and would like to know what should be written down in the agreement. Below you can find a very simple agreement with the minimum information that an agreement for drone services must include.

What should be your drone pilot routine?

The success of a flight requires appropriate preparation. It is very important for a pilot to have a checklist before flying. The checklist should contain the steps to take before, during, and after flying. A checklist can help avoid accidents. The pilot should have his checklist with him. The checklist should be in paper or electronic. Remember that flying a drone requires as much preparation time or more than the time of flight.

Select the drone for your needs

Choosing the right drone for your needs can be challenging. There is a large variety of commercial drones in the market. This is good to compare the specifications. The problem is that not all manufacturers provide the same specifications. Some of them tell about most important variables for different models. Those variables include size, weight, speed, flight time, and the remote controller's range.

What do you need to know to stay the best drone pilot?

Great drone pilots have certain technical skills as well as knowledge. A drone pilot should know how to perform the basic drone maneuvers. The basic regulations include the straight flight, s-flight, 8-shape, and spiral. The better the pilot performs the maneuvers the better its control over the drone will be. Thus, the quality of its video recording will increase. A great drone pilot should be able to perform the maneuvers under different wind speeds. Mastery of the basic maneuvers will lead into interesting unique movements.

The most common applications of aerial footage.

Since the DJI launched an accessible drone to the public, Phantom, the drone sales exploded among the general public. Being previously used mostly for military purposes, with the advances in technology and lower prices for their manufacturing in China, drones suddenly became a part of our everyday life. Can you recall a day when you were walking in a park near your home or were visiting a place when unexpectedly a drone would appear to take some aerial shots? Many are buying drone because they are fascinated by drone photography and videos that they are able to record from the air. But others saw a great opportunity in different industries besides beautiful aerial photography. It has been estimated by BI Intelligence that the market for commercial drones will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19% between 2015 and 2020. It is important to notice that in most countries worldwide it is required to have a drone pilot license to fly a drone.

I bought my first drone. Do I need a drone pilot license?

You feel so excited when you unbox your brand new drone. It is shining and beautiful like the toy you always wanted to have. You feel excited and look forward to playing with it. Yet, if this is the first time you buy a drone, you might have many questions. One of the most important considerations is that if you need a permit to operate it. Operating a drone is a rewarding experience. It looks like magic when the drone takes off and flies in the air. When the motors turn, the propellers move the air down. As a result, the drone lifts up. Thus, the drone is using the air. It is natural to think that the air is a free resource because you can breathe it. But just as people can own land, someone could own the airspace. And if someone owns the air, it means that you might be using it without permission of its owner.

Develop your career as a commercial drone pilot

It is normal to believe that there are infinite applications to drones. Agriculture, aerial photography, and surveillance are interesting applications. Yet, people come with proposals for new creative applications all the time. So it would be good to have a way to analyze them. One possible way is by looking at the main factors that determine a drone application.

When is the best time to take your drone out?

The weather is a big issue to consider when flying a drone. Imagine that you are flying and it starts raining. Unless your drone is waterproof, some water might enter inside the drone. Inside the drone are its flight computer and controllers. But electronics and water are not good friends. So it is generally not a good idea to fly when it rains.

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